Jibon Sharma

Department of Radiology, Gauhati Medical College, Gauhati, Assam, India

  • Review Article   
    A Review Study on Patient Safety and Quality Control in Nuclear Medicine
    Author(s): Jibon Sharma and Arnabjyoti Deva Sarma*

    As is thought, Risk Management implies the identification of errors in patient care and therefore the connected reasons, with the aim of learning from such events to confirm that the mandatory actions square measure taken to forestall them from revenant within the future. Medical specialty should address this drawback per a dimensional logic, proposing additionally to the standard clinical risk management tools, skills developed over time concerning the protection of employees and therefore the safe use of health technologies. Conjointly security, understood within the broadest sense of the term, may be a drawback that contains a sturdy impact on the truth of the healthful structures. Specific attention to all or any aspects associated with security management, with specific relevancy those sectors of health care that over others may be instrumentally "hit" for no medical purpose, as .. View More»

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