Gompa Parameswara Rao 1 , Shiv Sandeep S. V

BACKGROUND Postoperative patients of ankle fracture patients can be made weightbearing as tolerated immediately following surgery. Immediate Weightbearing As Tolerated (IWBAT) allows patients to return to ambulation and activities of daily living faster and may facilitate rehabilitation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospectively, patients were identified who have ORIF after unstable ankle injuries had treated by the senior author. Patients were excluded if they were not IWBAT based on specific criteria or if they did meet followup requirement. RESULTS After the study, it was seen that only 1/26 patients was noted to have loss of fixation. This was found at the 6-week followup and was attributed to a missed syndesmotic injury. At 2-weeks follow up, 2 patients had peri-incisional erythema that resolved with a short course of oral antibiotics. At 6-week follow up, 20 patients were wearing normal shoes and 6 patients continued to wear the Cam Boot for comfort. CONCLUSION It was seen that IWBAT in a certain subset of patients with stable osteosynthesis following an ankle fracture were at a safe alternative to a period of protected weightbearing.