Shashidhar S1, Manasa Penumetcha2, Shilpa Y. D3, Kailash P. Chhabria4

Pre-retinal haemorrhages (Sub-ILM or Sub-hyaloid) are seen to be associated with valsalva retinopathy, Tersons syndrome, blood dyscrasias and blunt trauma. However spontaneous Sub-ILM/Sub-hyaloid haemorrhage is a rare presentation. A Case report of Spontaneous Sub - ILM haemorrhage has been described by Mayer et al secondary to Acute myeloid leukemia with thrombocytopenia where a vitrectomy was done. Borges et al reported a case of non hodgkins lymphoma on chemotherapy who developed sudden onset loss of vision in both eyes. Vitrectomy with ILM peeling was done for both eyes at an interval of 1 week. It was observed that the eye which was operated first had a better visual outcome than the other eye hence the authors advocated early intervention. A case of spontaneous bilateral premacular hemorrhage was reported by L. Wan-Wei et al in a patient of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. The patient was offered a vitrectomy to resolve the subhyaloid haemorrhage associated with vitreous haemorrhage, but patient denied treatment. The underlying condition of ITP was treated medically and the hemorrhages improved with recovery of vision. We report a case of spontaneous pre-retinal haemorrhage in acute myeloid leukemia with complete resolution of the same over a period of two months of close follow up.