Author(s): Pramod P. Kadu1, Akshataa Atul Deshkar2

This study was conducted to show effects of yoga on cold pressor response (sympathetic function) in middle-aged men. Objective of study is to assess cold pressor response in study and control groups. We selected 90 healthy volunteers between age group 35 – 50 years and divided into 2 groups. (1) Study group – 45. (2) Control group – 45.
Control group does not perform any yoga or exercise during one year period, whereas yoga group (study group) performs yoga for one year under supervision of yoga expert in yoga centre. In both the groups, cold pressor response was recorded at 0, 6 and 12 months. In control group, cold pressor response shows no significant change whereas study group showed significant reduction in rise from 18.13±2.97 to 13.55 ± 2.00 at 6 months and 13.11 ± 1.76 at 12 months showing F value – 65.33 (P value<0.001) which is highly significant. Rise in DBP also decreased from 15.11± 2.97 to 11.15 ± 1.83 at 6 months and 11.11 ± 1.82 at 12 months showing F – value 45.75 (P<0.001) which is also highly significant in study group. In conclusion, yoga done regularly for longterm improves sympathetic functions (CPR).

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