Work from Home - A Growing Trend in IT Companies Benefits, Drawbacks, Opportunities and Challenges


Pratiksha Ugemuge*, Sneha Shingankar and Shobha Joshi


To describe the threaten situation in COVID - 19 scenario and to know the benefits, drawbacks, opportunities and challenges of trend work from home. It will be golden opportunity for people who work from home in an organized way to enjoy with family and earn money together.


In past decades lots of changes of working methods have occurred. These revolutionary changes are very useful and it’s a need of time.


Narrative review of literature compiling the findings of literature from searches of computerized database, textbooks and discussion with community.


The collected data from literature review are presented into themes to get clear scenes and ideas. Some recommendations are discussed to use it in proper way.


This study identifies elements that affect workers' physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being while working from home, and it lays the groundwork for thinking about how to best support a pleasant work from home experience. As per ideas establish routine, be organized, have a sufficient workspace, boost your productive work, be responsible, avoid lot of multi-tasking, enhance communication and network, be balanced, study remote research possibilities and learn from issues.