Versatility of Fenestrated Groin Flap in the Reconstruction of Post-Burn Dorsal Contractures of Thumb

Author(s): Dr. J. Jaganmohan,

BACKGROUND In reconstruction of post burn scar contracture of hand, thumb reconstruction is crucial. Among various flaps that are available for thumb reconstruction groin flap is ideal for large defects and defects also involving 1st webspace. Modification in groin flap with fenestration provides more inset, splints thumb in abduction thereby maintaining 1st web space and no soddening of thumb and 1st web space. METHODS In a 2-year period between 2017 and 2019, fenestrated groin flap was performed. It was done in 12 cases of which 9 were males and 3 were females. RESULTS All 12 patients had Post-burn Dorsal Contracture (PBSC). The time interval between injury and reconstruction ranges from 10 months to 8 years (mean 3.25). All patients after contracture release were reconstructed with fenestrated groin flap in 2 stages. After 2 weeks flaps were divided and remaining insets were given. Donor sites were closed primarily by undermining or resurfaced with SSG where necessary. All flaps survived with no postoperative complication. CONCLUSIONS Based on our experience with fenestrated groin flap, this is an ideal flap after release of dorsal PBSC thumb.