Author(s): Avnish Dave1, Vilas Khandare2, Divyesh Vadasmiya3

To find out the correlation between liver size and anthropometric measurements a study was carried out in 103 subjects (52 females and 51 males). The study was carried out at Department of Physiology, GMERS Medical College, Valsad, Gujarat. The longitudinal and antero-posterior diameter of liver was noted in centimeters and diameter of portal vein and common bile duct at porta hepatis were noted in millimetres. Thereafter height in meters and weight in kilograms was documented. The anthropometric parameters selected were height, BSA1 and weight. The mean height and weight was 160.02 cm and 51.70 kg respectively. The statistical analysis revealed a very highly significant correlation between the mean height (160.02 cm), mean weight (51.70 kg), mean BSA and mean Longitudinal (12.44cm) and anterio-posterior (10.12 cm) diameter of liver. The results obtained were very highly significant (p<0.001).

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