Author(s): Shashidhar Chulki1, Dinesh Kulkarni2, Ritesh Sulegaon3

ABSTRACT: As Tuberculosis has come under better medical control in many parts of the world, tuberculosis of breast has been mentioned less frequently as a medical problem in developed countries, but it remains a serious condition in developing countries. Though the incidence of tuberculosis is very high in India, involvement of breast is extremely rare. In younger patients, the lesion is more like an abscess where as in older patients lesion tends to produce a mass which clinically simulates carcinoma. Here we present a case of Tuberculous mastitis in a premenopausal female clinically presenting with a unilateral breast lump with same sided axillary lymphadenopathy. Fine needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of breast lump was in favor of malignancy but histopathology of excised specimen confirmed it to be Tuberculosis. Standard four drug anti tubercular was advised and she was asymptomatic with six months follow up. She did not turn up for further follow up.