Author(s): Vijay Kumar K. R1, Vijayaraghavachari T. V2, Adarsh K. M3, Riya Jeeson4, Ashwini C5, Ramesh V6

We herein report a case of traumatic gastropleural fistula complicated by empyema and pneumothorax which is a rare entity. A 22 year old male was admitted with alleged history of stab injury to left lower chest. Patient was found to have left sided pneumothorax, for which intercostal drainage tube was inserted and the patient stabilised. Chest radiograph taken three days after the chest tube insertion showed persistent hydropneumothorax for which the patient underwent a contrast enhanced computed tomography of thorax (CECT). CECT of thorax revealed herniation of fundus of stomach through a defect in the left dome of diaphragm into the left thoracic cavity with leakage of oral contrast into the left pleural cavity. Preoperative diagnosis of gastropleural fistula was made and the same was confirmed in the intraoperative findings. The patient underwent laparotomy with repair of the diaphragmatic defect and closure of the gastric perforation. The patient made an uneventful recovery.

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