Transformation of Global Health Education in the Post COVID - 19 Era: A Narrative Review


Eram Khan, Poonam Kalne, Sonali Choudhary*, Quazi Syed Zahiruddin and Abhay Gaidhane

COVID - 19 has resulted in wreak havoc on educational institutions all across the globe; almost 1.6 billion students in over 200 countries are affected. Over 94 percent of the global student population has been impacted by the closure of a school, institution, or other learning facility. Social alienation and movement limitations have considerably undermined usual schooling practices. As a result of the variety of new standard functioning measures that have been developed, another challenge is restarting schools after the restrictions have been lifted. Several schools, colleges, and universities have abandoned in person lessons in the wake of the COVID - 19 outbreaks. Alternative educational systems innovation and implementation and evaluation methodologies are immediately required. The epidemic has given us an opportunity to establish the building blocks for digital education. The goal of this narrative review is to give an entire evaluation of the outburst's impact on online education and learning of a variety of papers, in addition to provide a recommendation for a method of action.