The Comprehensive Review of the Condition and Management of ICU Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit


Zohreh Ostadi, Ata Mahmoodpoor, Kamran Shadvar, Sarvin Sanaie and Seied Hadi Saghaleini*

ICU delirium is a common medical problem occurring in patients admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICUs). The occurrence of ICU delirium increases mortality, length of hospital stay and mechanical ventilation, treatment costs and incidences of cognitive disturbances. Critically ill patients are subject to numerous risk factors for delirium. Some of these, such as exposure to sedative and analgesic medications, may be modified to reduce risk. Surveys conducted in several countries indicated that delirium in ICU was inadequately monitored, underdiagnosed and lacked standardized treatment. Thus, this article seeks to provide a succinct but comprehensive review of the condition, aiming to help physicians in the ICU to have a better understanding of delirium in the ICU and act as efficiently as possible to decrease upcoming untoward consequences associated with it.