Study of Impact of Training Program on Rational Use of Blood in a Tertiary Hospital

Author(s): Pratima Khoyumthem1 , Vanlallawma Khiangte2 , Rajkumar Rajesh Singh3 , Laikangbam Dayalaxmi4 , Konjengbam Rachandra Singh5 , Adhikari Barindra Sharma6

BACKGROUND Blood is a scarce resource. Clinicians who prescribe blood should have proper knowledge of blood transfusion so that this precious material can be utilized rationally. Lack of knowledge regarding transfusion medicine among clinicians is possibly the major obstacle in making transfusion practices more consistent. Education and audit are significant in changing transfusion practices. We wanted to assess the knowledge of blood transfusion among the clinicians, impart knowledge about blood transfusion and assess the effectiveness of the training program. METHODS A total of 48 clinicians from different blood user departments were enrolled for a training program on rational use of blood. The participants were given questionnaires to be filled up before the start of the training. After the interactive training, they were made to fill up the questionnaires again for post training assessment and scores were recorded. RESULTS The score in the pre training group was 533 (55.52%) and the score in the post training group was 765 (79.68%) and the difference is highly significant (P<0.001). CONCLUSIONS The study concluded that the training program was successful in improving the knowledge about blood transfusion. We recommend conducting such training programs at regular intervals in the future.