Sanjeev Agarwal1, Lalit Shrimali2, Ritu Mehta3, C. P. Joshi4

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the factors causing cholesterol gallstone. We planned this study to find out prevalence of gall bladder disease in diabetic patients and compare with non-diabetic patients in age and sex matched control in relation with mortality, morbidity and postoperative complications. MATERIAL & METHOD: The present study was conducted on 100 patients, out of which 50 patients have diabetes with gall bladder disease and 50 patients age and sex matched control with gallbladder disease who have no history or evidence of diabetes mellitus. RESULTS: Peak incidence was found in between 30 to 50 years of age. Male and female ratio was 1:5. Commonest presenting symptom was mild to moderate right hypochondrium pain. Chronic cholecystitis with cholelithiasis was the commonest presentation of gallbladder disease in both groups whereas empyema was seen more in diabetic patients. Most of the patients were treated by cholecystectomy and post-operative complications were significantly higher in diabetic patients with longer hospital stay. Mortality rate was also higher in diabetic patients with gall bladder disease as compared to non-diabetics. CONCLUSION: Gall bladder disease especially empyema of gall bladder was much higher in diabetics as compared to non-diabetics. We found that diabetes confers as increase in risk with biliary tract surgery. So the early diagnosis with the help of ultrasonography and early surgical intervention should be considered in diabetics with gall bladder disease to decrease the incidence of post-operative morbidity and mortality.