Author(s): Shobhana S. S1 , Fairoz Khan2 , Sudhamshu Raj Sharma3

Didactic teaching remains a conventional method of undergraduate education till date. Studies had been done to assess the knowledge acquired by the student group. The current study was conducted in a group of thirty students to assess the difference in acquiring knowledge and understanding the subject. This was done by taking two classes on topics related to medical ethics in a didactic mode and in the next two sessions same set of students are guided to participate in a role play with preparation on topics of medical ethics, and also review was asked from the students side based on the usefulness of interactive learning among them. Comparison was made in students about the understanding and learning the subjects and receiving the feedback in the form of questionnaire which was given in annexure of this article. Study concluded interactive teaching and role play forms a better module as an add-on tool for implementing medical education for traditional methods. Here an attempt has been made to show the significance of the same. The statistician was consulted for tabulating the results, and suggestion received is the percentage of the results was better to be tabulated then adopting any method for the same.

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