Smartphone Usage and Ocular Symptoms Experienced among Participants during the COVID-19 Lockdown Period


Andrea Kolla

To investigate the extent of smartphone usage and ocular symptoms experienced among the participants during the Covid-19 lockdown period. A Quantitative crossectional Survey study was conducted at Raipur, India for a period of 2-months with N=300 participants within the age group of 18-40 years responded to the survey. Closed-ended questionnaire was developed and statistically tested for the reliability and consistency before surveying from the participants. Smartphone usage duration before and lockdown time, purpose of smartphone usage, ocular symptoms and Blue light filter usage was measured as, main outcomes for the study. The respondents were asked to specify the twenty-six questions that were validated with Choranbach alpha for the internal consistency. The categorical variables smartphone usage time was found significant (χ²=53.06, df=5, P < .001) and it increased during the lockdown period .The smartphone usage purpose was measured and although there was an increase in the mean percentage after the lockdown, this increase was not significant (χ²=5.61, df=3, P=.69). 40% participants reported that night mode or the blue light filter was not used by them during smartphones usage. As COVID-19 pandemic effecting globally the mode digital gadgets and usage of smartphones and other VDT gadgets have increased rapidly this can indirectly effect the digital strain of eye and induce sleep disturbances.