Sea Blue Histiocytosis with Thrombocytopenia ??? A Review

Author(s): Iffat Jamal1 , Ravi Bhushan Raman2 , Vijayanand Choudhary3

Sea blue histiocytosis is generally seen where the turnover of cells is high like in certain haematological malignancies like myelodysplastic syndromes, chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms, immune thrombocytopenias and lipid storage disorders etc. Most commonly involved organs are bone marrow, spleen and liver. We report a case of 32 year old male who was Hepatitis B positive and presented with thrombocytopenia. Bone marrow examination revealed presence of numerous sea blue histiocytes. Extensive haematological and biochemical investigations failed to find out the cause of thrombocytopenia with presence of sea blue histiocytes in bone marrow, that makes our case worth reporting. This present case highlights the necessity of good communication between clinicians and pathologists for the identification of this uncommon disorder. A PubMed search of literature review was done from 1972 to 2019 in order to find out the overall incidence of this rare entity and the various other differential diagnoses were discussed.