Author(s): Padma Prasad M. K1 Arishta Bala

Topical therapy is an important modality in the management of skin diseases. In topical therapy there is an intimate contact between drug and target tissue and risk of systemic side effect is minimal. Choice of topical medication depends on morphology, site, character, stage of lesion. The effects are multiple-it gives soothing, protection, dryness in weeping lesions, keratolytic, antibacterial, antifungal and penetrating effects. In the era of proprietary preparations knowledge of topical therapy is not significantly accounted and this may lead on to ineffective management of diseases. Dermatologists in many situations are not taking in to account the knowledge of ingredients in some of the preparations and importance of pharmacological effects of the preparations and their bases, so that the end effects of the prescription is not fully obtained.1 In this scenario a basic knowledge of the ingredients of the topical preparations, selection of sites of application, the preparation of the site, the timing and the area of application should be chosen with great care. Hence a review of this modality of treatment is absolutely essential.2

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