Role of Diagnostic Hysterolaparosopy in Evaluation of Female Infertility


Anusha Nanduri*, Keshav G, Himaja V and Vishali P


Infertility is a major problem throughout the world. The causes can be multi-factorial, nowadays many couples are seeking medical help for infertility. Diagnostic hystero laparoscopy plays an important role as part of the female infertility workup.


A retrospective study was done in the department of obstetrics and gynecology of a rural tertiary care hospital, Kuppam, India. All patients who underwent diagnostic hystero laparoscopy as part of infertility workup between June 2021 and December 2022 in the department obstetrics and gynecology were included in the study.


A total of 80 patients were included in the study. Out of 80 DHL cases 40 % were normal and the remaining 60 % cases were abnormal. Tubal abnormalities were most common constituting 22.5 % of total cases. Uterine abnormalities were about 12.5 %.


DHL is a very useful diagnostic tool in evaluating female infertility occurring due to structural abnormalities of uterus and fallopian tubes, there by aiding in patients infertility management.