Rise and Fall of Covid - 19 Cases in India: A Review


Neha Chauhan*, Manjunath BC, Jadhav Sachin Kumar, Vipul Yadav and Bhavna Sabbarwal

COVID - 19 disease, caused by a novel corona virus known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus 2 (SARS - CoV - 2), has rapidly expanded throughout world since December 2019, producing a global outbreak and significant public health concern. The coronavirus pandemic has so far been characterized by a series of COVID - 19 waves. The new Corona virus has caused a wide range of symptoms in people infected with it, ranging from mild to severe. As the virus alters its kind and new forms emerge, new and unique symptoms are appearing in newly infected patients. The current method for limiting the spread of instances is to take preventive measures. All available measures, such as public engagement and participation in disease control, strict execution of CAB (social distance, wearing of face masks, and hand hygiene), must be adopted and observed by the public. Preventing further spread requires early detection, diagnosis, isolation, and treatment. 'Preventive strategies focus on patient isolation and infection control, including steps to be taken during diagnosis and clinical care of an infected patient.