Retrospective Vaccine Cohort of COVID - 19 Patients


Ahmet Dogan and Yakup Gezer*


In the control of the COVID - 19 pandemic, community immunity with vaccines is the main element.


A total of 360 cases who were hospitalized and followed up in the pandemic service with the diagnosis of COVID - 19 for 13 months were included in the study. In the first stage of data analysis; Those who were not vaccinated against COVID - 19, those who had 1 dose of Sinovac or BioNTech vaccine, and those who received 2 doses of vaccine and caught COVID - 19 within 2 weeks after the second dose were included in the undervaccinated group. Those who had 2 doses or more of Sinovac / BioNTech vaccine and who caught COVID - 19 two weeks after the 2nd dose were included in the full dose vaccinated group. In the second stage, those who had never been vaccinated and those who had 1 dose or more of the vaccine, and in the third stage, those who had 2 full doses of vaccine and those who had 3 full doses of vaccine were compared among themselves. In addition, the mutation type of all cases was recorded. In statistical analysis, p value <0.05 was considered significant.


44.5 % of the cases were male and 55.5 % were female. The meanage (Mean ± SD, Min - Max) of 191 under-vaccinated cases was (58.29 ± 15.61), while it was (72.12 ± 12.65) of 169 full-dose vaccinated cases. The meanage (p = 0.000), comorbid disease (p = 0.000) was lower in the under vaccinated group. However, no significant difference was observed in ward length of stay (p = 0562), mortality rate (p = 1,000), and ICU admission rate (p = 0.390). Of all cases, 44.17 % were unvaccinated, 6.94 % were single-dose vaccinated, 38.89 % were double - dose vaccinated, and 10 % were three-dose vaccinated. When the mutation status was examined, 36.11% of them were Delta mutation, 5.28 % of them were British mutations and 13.3 3% of them were suspicious for variants. While the rate of mortality and admission to the ICU was 5.2 % in the English mutation, no mortality was observed in cases with delta mutations or suspected variants. The rate of going to the ICU was 3.8 % in delta mutation and 2 % in suspected variant cases.


In our study, full dose vaccination was found to be more common in patients with advanced age and comorbid diseases. The fact that approximately half of the patients are unvaccinated shows the importance of the vaccine in the fight against the disease.