S. F. Kammar1, Prashanth Kumar T. S2, Gururaj Murgod3, Viresh Murgodi4, Akash H5, Ajay K6

17 Year Old student, Pavan presents with swelling since 8 months. Swelling was diffuse over forearm. Tenderness was present. No local rise of temperature. Range of movement at elbow was restricted and painful terminally. No distal neurovascular deficits. X-ray revealed it to be an aneurysmal bone cyst of proximal right radius. FNAC showed Aneurysmal bone cyst for which curettage and bone grafting was done. Post 6 months tumour recurred with a swelling around upper third of right forearm. FNAC and J-needle biopsy showed it to be aneurysmal bone cyst. MRI showed ABC of proximal radius without soft tissue involvement. Excision of proximal third of radius with reconstruction by 3rd metatarsal and augmented with fibular graft and stabilized with dynamic compression plate and screws. Tumour specimen was sent for histopathology at 2 weeks post operatively patient had good range of movements. At present patient has full range of flexion, extension, supination & pronation. He is able to carry out his ADL. In the literature proximal radius reconstruction has been tried in traumatic communited radial head fractures. Here it done for recurrent benign tumour like aneurysmal bone cyst, as the base of 3rd metatarsal anatomically coincides with radial head and hence a better radio-capital articulation.