Jayalakshmi Perumbavoor Sundaran1, Manoj Joseph MIchael2, Jayakumar Kanavillil3 Neethu Narayanamangalath4 Neeli Nandini Ramadas5

BACKGROUND Impaction may be defined as the failure of complete eruption of tooth into the oral cavity. A tooth is considered impacted, when it has failed to fully erupt into the oral cavity, within the expected developmental time period. Incidence of impacted tooth varies from 8.5% to 69% in various population. We wanted to determine the profile of impacted molar teeth in Thrissur population in relation to age, side (Right or Left) and bone (either Maxilla or Mandible). METHODS 1978 patients with impacted molar teeth examined during the period January 2007 to December 2016 were included in the study. Data was collected and entered into a spreadsheet (Excel Microsoft) and analysed subsequently. RESULTS Majority of patients with impacted tooth comes under age groups 11-24 years (41.7%) followed by 21-30 years (27.9%). Female to Male ratio 60.7% to 39.3%. Left side to right side is 51.8% and 48.2%. Mandible (99.7%) more commonly affected than maxilla (0.3%). CONCLUSIONS Present study shows that younger generation (age group-11 to 30 years) with impacted molar teeth are more commonly seeking treatment in our institution. Present study also shows that there is high prevalence of impacted tooth in females. With regard to the side of the impacted teeth (right or left), the difference was not statistically significant. Bone involvement in this study is more significant in mandible as compared to maxilla.