Profile of Fatal Road Traffic Accident Cases in Srikakulam District - An Autopsy-Based Study


Sadhu Rama Mohana Rao1 , Avvaru Krishnaveni2 , Reddi Bindu3 , Ronanki Mounika4

BACKGROUND Road Traffic Injuries (RTA's) are a major but neglected global public health problem requiring concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. Road traffic accident is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries, including India. Srikakulam is the northern district in Andhra Pradesh state which has 194 kilometres of National Highway (NH) passing through it from Ichapuram to Pydibheemavaram. Frequent median openings, poorly designed access roads from the adjacent areas of highways and lack of effective enforcement to control wrong side vehicular movements on NH16 have led to an increase in number of road accidents in this region. We wanted to study the demographic distribution of cases, assess the nature and cause of deaths certified after post-mortem examinations, and evaluate the pattern and distribution of injuries associated with road traffic accidents. METHODS It is a record-based study, a total of 422 autopsies done in the year 2019 were studied, of which 131 were due to RTA's. Data regarding 131 RTA's was analysed using the records available with the Forensic Medicine department. Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC) approval was taken. RESULTS In our study, 78 % were men, and 22 % were women. 41 - 60 years age group showed the highest number of victims (38 %) (49). Head injuries were most common (54.6 %), followed by multiple injuries (27.6 %) and chest injuries (8.4 %). The study reported more accident-related deaths during the month of May (22 %), followed by April (11.4 %). CONCLUSIONS Head injuries and subdural & sub arachnoid hematoma are the leading causes of death from RTAs.