Vijayan C. P 1 , Beena V 2 , Sathi M. S 3

ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: Traditional long cases are having strengths and weaknesses. Several attempts were made to reduce weaknesses. OSCE and OSLER are the results of such attempts. Compartmentalization is a criticism against OSCE. OSLER may not be feasible. The strengths of OSCE are utilized here to improve the quality of long case. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Structuring and check listing of Obstetric examination was done. The examiner observed the students doing the obstetric examination and marks were awarded using the check list. Out of the total marks 25% was based on this check list and the remaining 75% were awarded in the conventional way. Feedback was collected from students and faculties. ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION: Majority of faculty and students are not satisfied by the conventional long case assessment. Study was limited to Obstetrics, but can be extended to other disciplines. Clinical examination part is the ideal one for assessment after structuring and using a check list. This will definitely improve the acceptability of long cases and the skill development. CONCLUSIONS: Structuring and check listing of clinical examination in long cases is a feasible and acceptable method. It improves learning of clinical skills and the validity and reliability of assessment. It is not more time consuming