Prevalence of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in Hypothyroidism Patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital


Rumi Gayen, Arindam Sur, Mita Saha, Subhendu Datta* and Indranil Chakraborty

Aims & Objectives

To find out any association between primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and hypothyroidism, thereby establishing the necessity of routine examination of thyroid function in these patients to test the hypothesis that hypothyroidism leads to POAG.


Observational cross sectional study.

Materials And Methods

This is an observational, cross sectional study where 100 hypothyroid patients (TSH > 20 μIU / ml) were screened to detect presence of Primary Open angle glaucoma. The levels of thyroid - stimulating hormone, free thyroxin and triiodothyronine were measured.


No significant correlation was found between glaucoma and either thyroid - stimulating hormone, free thyroxin or triiodothyronine.


This study determined there is no an association between glaucoma and hypothyroidism. Therefore, we believe that the systematic screening for POAG in hypothyroid patients is unnecessary.