Prevalence of Periodontitis Detected in Periapical Radiographs in Diabetic Patients Visiting a Private Dental College


Bharathi R and Manjari Chaudhary*


Diabetes is a well predictable risk factor for periodontal disease and in converse; periodontitis is thought to affect the systemic inflammatory condition, insulin resistance and lipid and glucose metabolism. Periodontal disease is the destruction of the tissues that support the tooth by accumulation and maturation of oral bacteria on teeth. Microorganisms in combination with individual host susceptibility and environmental factors are the main etiologic factors of periodontal diseases. Systemic diseases, steroid hormone variations, nutritional deficiency, the intake of drugs, diabetes, tobacco smoking and other conditions have comprehensive and profound effects on the host, resulting in an increased response to bacterial plaque accumulation. The prevalence of diabetes in India is diverse in different regions of the country.


To evaluate the prevalence of periodontitis detected in periapical radiographs in diabetic patients visiting a private dental college.

Materials And Methods

Data was retrieved from the dental records. Data of diabetic patients was collected from the patient management records. Diabetic patients with periodontitis using periapical radiographs were shortlisted. Data obtained was tabulated in excel and analysed using statistical software.


84.2 % of patients had periodontal problems with diabetes.


We can conclude by saying that 84.2 % of diabetic patients had periodontitis.