P. Srilakshmi1, D. Swetha2, M. Vijaya Bhaskar3, K. Rambabu4, M. Madhulatha5

The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) has significantly increased over the last few decades and has become a main health challenge worldwide. Prevalence of MS is quickly rising in developing countries due to changing lifestyle. It was considered worthwhile to study MS and its components in granite workers since granite factories are situated in and around Khammam area. Moreover, no studies of MS in granite workers have been reported in literature. OBJECTIVES: Aim of our study is to assess the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components in granite workers. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 210 male workers in the age group of 20-50 working in granite industries located in and around the Khammam town of Telangana State are selected for the present study. Blood pressures (BP), waist circumference (WC) were measured. Fasting blood samples were collected for the estimation of glucose and lipids. RESULTS: 69 subjects out of 210 were identified as having MS based on updated National cholesterol education programme- Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP-ATP III) guidelines. CONCLUSION: MS should be identified and remedial measures may be suggested, so that the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular risk, diabetes and the resultant morbidity is minimized and can be delayed.