Prevalence of External Root Resorption Detected in Periapical Radiographs Seen in Patient Visit a Private Dental Colleges


Thaslima Nandhini JS and Manjari Chaudhary*


Root resorption is a common condition associated with periapical pathologies which is detected by intraoral periapical radiographs. Although it’s common, its distribution in different periapical pathologies has not been assessed thus far.


The aim of the study was to describe a prevalence of external root resorption detected in periapical radiographs seen in patients who visited to a private dental college.

Materials and Methods

All the cases with periapical radiographs were considered in this study. From the periapical radiographs- assessment of external root resorption were done. The data collected are from June 2020 to February 2021. The Data were retrieved from. Dental information archiving system, Saveetha dental college and hospital. Prevalence of external root resorption detected in periapical radiographs were recorded in excel and was subjected to statistical analysis


From the statistical analysis, it is observed that external root resorption most commonly seen among 36 - 55 years of age about 51 %, followed by 18 - 35 years of age (38 %) has an external root resorption. Females are more prone to have an external root resolution (60 %). Sextant 6 was reported to have a more external root resorption than the other site (26 %).


External root resorption predominantly associated with females. Sextant 6 was more prone to have external resorption. There was a significant difference between age and resorption.