Prevalence and Severity of Dysmenorrhea during Menstruation in Adolescent Girls in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Koshi Region (Northern Bihar), India

Author(s): Shashi Kiran1 , Ashish Kumar2 , Ramanand Kumar Pappu3 , Chandan Kumar Poddar4 , Maheshwar Narayan Singh5

BACKGROUND Almost a quarter of India's population comprises of girls below 20 years. One of the major physiological changes that take place in adolescent girls is the onset of menarche, which is often associated with problems of irregular menstruation, unwarranted bleeding, and dysmenorrhea. We wanted to evaluate the prevalence, severity, knowledge aspect of treatment and impact of dysmenorrhea in females of reproductive age group in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Koshi Region (Northern Bihar) India. METHODS This was a survey based, cross sectional study conducted over a period of six months from June 2019 to January 2020. After obtaining consent, the study included 100 women in the age group of 18-28 years, studying or functioning (general college, college students and nursing students and personnel) in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College and Hospital, Saharsa, Bihar, and Associated Hospital of Bihar. Patients suffering from DM, HTN. Renal disorders and hepatic disorders were excluded from the study. RESULTS In this study it was found that they often use over the counter pain medication. Those who self-medicated with over the counter preparations use sub beneficial dose and of substandard drugs. By experience they knew that which medicine could relieve dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a common gynaecological problem among adolescents in Saharsa, Bihar. CONCLUSIONS Dysmenorrhea is common gynaecological problem among adolescents in Saharsa, Bihar. Mild and moderate dysmenorrhea do not cause absenteeism from school, college and work place. In this study only 6% were absent from school, college or work place during menstruation .But several studies had reported 34 to 50% absenteeism from school, college or work place During menstruation.13,14 Adolescent girls, almost always, silently suffer the pain due to dysmenorrhea and the embarrassment associated with it due to lack of knowledge about reproductive health.