Penile Fracture - Comparison of Two Tertiary Centres (GMC Srinagar vs. GMC Jammu) - An Observational Study

Author(s): Varun Dogra1, Silvi Sandhu2, Ishfaq Ahmad Gilkar3

Penile fracture is defined as the traumatic rupture of tunica albuginea on one or
both sides leading to detumescence and deformity of penis. It’s a distressing
condition for the patient and patient often tries to conceal history. Treatment is
mainly via surgical repair. People are hesitant to seek medical advice and often
conceal the proper history this leads to delayed visits by patients sometimes even
after days. Sometimes they even come with an entirely different complaint and
reveal the real issue later on. Various causes of fracture penis include
masturbation, sexual intercourse, forceful bending of erect penis to micturate,
turning on bed over an erect penis.
This was a prospective observational study that was carried out at two different
tertiary care hospitals and twenty-seven patients were enrolled with history of
penile fracture. All the data was carefully collected and tabulated and early all the
patients were surgically managed.
There were a total of twenty seven patients with majority of patients belonging to
age group of 25 – 50 years. Mode of trauma was mostly sexual intercouse. Twentyfive
patients were surgically managed while two patients were conservatively
managed as they did not give consent for surgery. Post surgery major
complications included pain, erectile dysfunction, deviation and discomfort during
sexual intercourse.
Penile fracture is an urological emergency which is generally managed by general
surgeon. As it is a rare type of trauma and many general surgeons do not have
experience to repair it, this often leads to many complications. Repair of penile
fracture has excellent outcomes however it should be repaired very meticulously
as it can lead to dreaded complications.