Sahiba Bedi1, Naveen Kumar2, Gurvinder Kaur3, Ashish Chander4, Nitin Batra5

Melanocytoma of the optic disc is a rare ophthalmic tumour that arises from melanocytes and is a variant of the melanocytic nevus. It occurs on the optic disc and often extends into the peripapillary retina and choroid. It appears as a dark brown or black lesion, typically small and is almost always unilateral. Although traditionally believed to be a relatively stationary lesion, it is now known to exhibit minor enlargement in 10–15% of cases and can cause minor visual loss by a variety of mechanisms. 1-2% cases can transform to malignant melanoma.
We present a case report of a 65-year-old female whose dilated fundus examination of the right eye revealed a circular, pigmented and elevated lesion about 1.5 mm in size covering almost whole of the optic nerve head except for the superior rim, suggestive of optic disc melanocytoma.


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