Ocular Manifestations in Psoriasis

Author(s): Surabhi Beniwal1 , Bhavana Doshi2 , Nagbhushan Chougule3 , Monalisa Saha4

BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Almost 10% of the psoriatic population is affected with one or the other ocular manifestation, which usually occurs much later than skin involvement, hence they often go unnoticed. We wanted to study the various clinical presentations of psoriasis in the eye and determine possible relationships between frequency of ocular involvement and patient’s age, sex, duration of illness since diagnosis, type of psoriasis, severity of the disease and treatment received for the same. METHODS Complete ophthalmic examination was performed in 75 patients >18 years of age, diagnosed with psoriasis. RESULTS Among 75 cases of psoriasis examined, 74.67% had ocular manifestations. They were found to be more common in patients with PASI score of >10. No statistically significant relation between duration of disease and ocular manifestations of psoriasis was seen. CONCLUSIONS Ocular manifestations are a significant part of the psoriasis manifestations therefore routine eye examinations are recommended in psoriasis patients of all types, to screen for commonly associated ophthalmic conditions including blepharitis, dry eyes, cataract, conjunctivitis and uveitis during their regular followup visits with their dermatologis