Author(s): Divya H. S, Ramesh B, Manasa G. V, Rashmi G. B, Renuka Ramaiah, Karthik S, Sreelatha

PRESENTATION OF CASE 23 year old female came with history of 2 episodes of convulsions on her 5th postpartum day at home. She was apparently alright before this. She had another episode of generalised tonic clonic convulsions in casualty, each episode lasting for 2-3mins associated with frothing of saliva, up rolling of eyes, tongue bite and post-ictal confusion. No history of involuntary urination/defecation. There was no preceding history of blurred vision, headache, epigastric pain, pedal oedema, fever, breathlessness, weakness of limbs or pain in the calf muscles. Following episode of convulsions she had slight slurring of speech. She is P2L2, fifth post-natal day, delivered by full term normal vaginal delivery. She had regular antenatal check-ups and had no h/o pre-eclampsia or HTN in either of the pregnancies or any history of convulsions in the past. Antepartum, intrapartum periods were uneventful. She consumes mixed diet and is a pork eater, sleep and appetite normal, bowel and bladder habits regular. On examination, patient was conscious and was responding to verbal commands. There was no evidence of pallor, icterus.