Author(s): Dhaarna Mutreja 1 , Aditi Kinjal Zaveri 2 , Vashisht Dikshit 3 , Somnath Gooptu 4 , Gurjit Singh 5

ABSTRACT: Necrotizing fasciitis is a severe, rare, potentially lethal, soft tissue infection that tends to develop in scrotum, perineum, abdominal wall or the extremities. It is a medical emergency that threatens both patient’s limb and life. Necrotizing fasciitis has the potential to become quite severe - in such cases a radical debridement amounting to amputation of the limb may be required to save the patient’s life. Early diagnosis requires a high index of suspicion. We describe a case of a 49-yearold obese woman who developed necrotizing fasciitis in her left lower limb for which she underwent multiple radical surgical debridement, followed by skin grafting for reconstruction of the limb defects. Our main focus was to salvage the limb with the help of antibiotics and multiple debridements. This report emphasizes the need to have a relook at the use of Parenteral Crystalline Penicillin and diligent management of wounds resulting from repeated debridements.

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