Author(s): Sistla Radha1, Tameem Afroz2

Myoepithelial hamartoma or adenomyoma is a rare benign tumour like lesion of the small intestine consisting of glandular structures surrounded by smooth muscle bundles. It is usually asymptomatic in adults. Majority of these lesions are located in the stomach and their location in small intestine beyond duodenum is extremely rare. First description of this lesion was given by Magnus Alsleben in 1903. Synonyms used to describe this entity are myoepithelial hamartoma and foregut choristoma. We report two cases of adenomyomas of ileum in a 66-year-old male and a 40-year-old lady in the ileum. Ileal and jejunal adenomyomas are rare and only 26 cases have been described in literature.

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