Jahnavi Rajagopal1 , Veena V2 , Parasuramalu B. G3 , Satish Chandra M. R4

BACKGROUND: India is among those countries which have a very high maternal and infant mortality rate.Most maternal deaths could be prevented if women had access to appropriate health care during pregnancy, childbirth and immediately afterwards.The present study was conducted to track the pregnant women for antenatal care, Delivery, PNC and child immunization and assess the outcome. METHODS: This was a longitudinal study conducted in a primary health center of rural field practice area. The study was conducted among the pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic of the primary health center for duration of 2 years. 116 newly confirmed pregnant women who visited the PHC between April 1 st to June 31st2011were enrolled in the study and followed up till completion of primary immunization of the child. RESULTS: Majority(62.0%) of study subjects were in the age group of 20-24yrs. 61.2% of the them registered before 12wks of gestation, 27.5% received ≥ 4 ANC visits as per IPHS guidelines 2012,63.1% had mild to moderate anaemia, 100% had institutional deliveries, 28.4% neonates had birth weight less than 2500gms and compliance to primary immunization up to measles was 95%. INTERPRETATION: Tracking of mother and child has an important role at the grass root level in delivering services to women and children and has been recognized as a priority area for providing effective healthcare services to this group.