Morphometric Study of Right Suprarenal Gland in Andhra Pradesh Region

Author(s): Umamaheswara Rao Sunnapu1 , Pasupuleti Lakshmana Rao2 , S. Ravindra Kishore3

BACKGROUND Suprarenal gland is an essential endocrine gland, which is located above the upper pole of kidney. Specifically, right suprarenal gland can vary in shape and has important relations. It secretes several types of hormones, which are helpful to us. We wanted to study the various shapes, morphometric measurements, position of gland in relation to kidney, and distance between upper pole of kidney & base of the right suprarenal gland. METHODS In the present study, right suprarenal glands of 40 males and 10 females have been studied. We measured various morphometric parameters and compared them between the males & females. RESULTS The most common shape of right suprarenal gland is pyramidal in both sexes. Other shapes like oval, irregular, rectangular, semilunar are also observed, but in very few cases. Among various measurements, side to side width of gland & thickness of gland are more in males whereas remaining measurements like length of gland, length of the extension part of gland, breadth at the base of gland, and weight of gland are more in females. CONCLUSIONS Even though the sample size is small, we observed some important variations in morphometry. This information is useful to clinicians like surgeons, endocrinologists, and radiologists.