R. Sravanthi1, Anwer Unisa Sabry2, S. Sreelatha3

AIM OF STUDY: To measure length and width of Cruciate Ligaments and to observe for any variations in the parameters.

PERIOD OF STUDY: 2008-2011.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 100 disarticulated limbs were collected from department of anatomy, Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal. Telangana. Which were preserved in 10% formalin, 50 MRIs of Knee joint were studied and measurements were taken from Vijaya Diagnostic center, Hanamkonda, Warangal, Telangana. To expose cruciate ligament a systematic dissection procedure has been adopted. The cruciate ligaments were exposing and their attachments were defined on to the femur and tibia.

OBSERVATIONS: Average of parameters for anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments were calculated for all 100 limbs and 50 knee joint MRI scans. The observations were similar to the previous studies.

CONCLUSION: The parameters which were measure are help full in selection and preparation of the graft and in re construction of ligaments. The aim of re-construction is not just to substitute a torn ligament, but to restore the morphology inherent in the ligament.