Lignocaine with Adrenaline Nasal Packing in the Management of Acute Inflammation of Paranasal Sinuses


S. Srinivasan Muthiah Kothandaramanujam1 , Alagammai Sivaraman2 , Thushita Nivasini Senthil3 , Muthubabu Kasiviswanathan

BACKGROUND Sinusitis is caused because of the inflammation of nasal mucosa and the para nasal sinuses which lasts at least for 12 weeks. In this study we are introducing a decongestant with the addition of topical anaesthetic, directly into the middle meatus, base, nasal septum and sphenoethmoidal recess under direct endoscopic visualization. This almost always results in an improvement of the symptoms by promoting the drainage of secretions. METHODS We enrolled 100 patients of acute and acute exacerbations of chronic sinusitis to study the effect of (a mixture of 27 mL of 4 % lignocaine and 3 ampoules of 1: 1000 adrenaline) nasal packing in reducing the congestion around the paranasal sinus’s ostium and improvement of symptoms in the study population by comparing the symptom score and endoscopic appearance before and after the endoscopic procedure. RESULTS The mean difference in symptom score for pre-treatment was found to be 27.46 and post treatment was found to be 18.35. It shows significant improvement in endoscopic change in nasal endoscopy done after the conservative procedure. CONCLUSIONS Adrenaline nasal packing reduces the congestion of the sinus ostium and facilitates the drainage of sinuses through natural ostium without any surgical procedure. It results in symptomatic improvement and through endoscopy we can visualize the discharge draining freely from the sinuses. It is useful in patients who have contraindications for surgical procedures.