J. Evid. Based Med. Healthc., pISSN- 2349-2562, eISSN- 2349-2570/ Vol. 4/Issue 94/Dec. 18, 2017 Page 5878 STUDY OF MATERNAL MORTALITY AT A TERTIARY REFERRAL CENTER


Padmanalini Potula1, Akkamamba Basa2

Epidemiological data pertaining to maternal mortality is valuable in each set up to design interventional programs to favourably reduce the ratio. This study was done to evaluate the maternal mortality rate in our hospital, to assess the causes of maternal mortality.
This is a longitudinal prospective study. Study group: consisting of 50 cases of maternal deaths. Study period: 13 months i.e., from November 2016 to November 2017. This study was carried out at Government general hospital Kakinada attached to Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada.
In this study, 10% maternal deaths seen in 1st trimester of pregnancy. 10% maternal deaths before delivery. 80% maternal deaths occurred after delivery. Among these, 60% maternal deaths after lower segment caesarean section. 20% maternal deaths after normal vaginal delivery. In this study, direct causes of maternal mortality 66%. Among these: preeclampsia - 15 cases (30%), Haemorrhage - 9 cases (18%), Infections – 4 cases (8%). Indirect causes of maternal mortality 34%. In these Anaemia – 4 cases (8%), Jaundice – 4 cases (8%). 60% maternal deaths are referral cases.
In our hospital, maternal mortality rate is 437 per 100,000 live births. It is very high because, in this center most of the cases. About 60% are referral cases from surrounding area. Unbooked cases are 74%. Most of cases about 70% cases are from rural area. Among these, 80% maternal deaths occurred after delivery. 60% maternal deaths occurred after lower segment caesarean section. 20% maternal deaths occurred after vaginal delivery. In this study 66% maternal deaths occurred because of direct cause. Among these Preeclampsia (15) cases - 30%, Haemorrhage (9) cases - 18%, Infection (4) cases - 8%. In our study indirect causes of maternal deaths 34%. Among these, anaemia (4) cases - 8%, jaundice (4) cases - 8%.
Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Maternal Mortality, Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS), Preeclampsia, Haemorrhage