Irreducible Monteggia Variant in a 11-Year-Old Boy Treated by Ulnar Osteotomy

Author(s): Jyothish K.1 , Sameer K. M.2 , Vineeth Gopalan Nair3

A 11-year-old boy, right hand dominant, allegedly had injury to his right elbow when a teacher twisted his forearm in school. He presented with complaints of pain over right elbow and had limited range of motion. No other injuries were sustained. Clinical examination showed swelling and tenderness over elbow and proximal forearm with no obvious deformity. Also, range of movements (flexion and extension of elbow and supination and pronation of forearm) were restricted. No distal neurovascular deficits were found. No external injuries were found. The initial x ray of elbow showed anterior dislocation of the radial head with anterior bowing of the ulna at the proximal and middle 1/3 junction.