Investigating the Limitations in the Fabrication of Locally Made Bench Incubator in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki (Post COVID-19 Project)


Udeajah VN*

The limitations got during the fabrication of a locally made bench incubator by 2020 / 2021 biomedical electronics engineering students are reported in this write up. The bench incubator is a useful equipment used in the Medical and scientific laboratories for media culture of samples such as blood and urine. Imported bench incubator can be expensive, the need for constructive and substitution improvisation using available resources that are less expensive became necessary. This bench incubator was locally fabricated in the department of Medical laboratory science in Ebonyi State University - Abakaliki to enable the students have an understanding of Biomedical engineering and bridge the gap between theory and practicals involved in their professional practice. There were some limitations in the course of carrying out the project.