Internet Addiction and Its Association with Psychopathology in Medical Students of JNIMS, Imphal, Manipur

Author(s): Haobijam Nirendrakumar Singh1, Tonjam Hemchand Singh2, Anshuman Sewda3, Agatha Gangmei4

Internet becomes an indispensable means for basic and optimal survival along
with career advancement in present context and at the same time this widely used
tool has addictive property; this property may, further, lead to many psychosocial
problems in health. This study intended to evaluate the relationship and the risk
of Internet addiction and their psychosocial wellbeing among medical students in
This is a cross-sectional study conducted among medical students and internees
in JNIMS. The study duration was from 8th September 2014 to 5th October 2014.
There was universal coverage of the students and internees. The tools used in the
study were self-administered questionnaires including demographic profiles,
Internet addiction test and DASS-42 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress). Data entry
and analysis were done with SPSS version 22; A P-value of < 0.05 was considered
to be significant.
The response rate was 83.89 %; as the Internet addiction scores increased among
the students there was increase in prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress in
them. The relationships were found to be highly significant (P = 0.000).
There was a significant association between Internet use and psychosocial
problem among the medical students in JNIMS. The study couldn’t comment on
the causality of the depression, anxiety and stress against Internet addiction
among the students and internees. Therefore, a further study is recommended for
finding out the temporal association.