Impact of Covid Pandemic Infectious Disease


Prasath JS*

Corona virus is an infectious disease and it spreads everybody very easily and quickly. The number of COVID - 19 affected patients increases daily and the number of cases admitted in the hospital also increases. Due to this increased number of COVID - 19 cases, shortage of bed takes place. Doctors and nurses in the hospital unable to treat the all the COVID affected patients effectively. The COVID patients can be treated by the doctors in an effective way through the use of INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT). IoT allows to diagnose and to treat the COVID patients in home. IoT based health monitoring systems are potentially immensely beneficial for COVID - 19 patients. IoT based COVID patient monitoring system is used to prevent the spreading of corona virus by transmitting the information related to COVID symptoms to the doctors within the specific time period. IoT is also used for proper diagnosis of the state of patient health, even if the doctor is at far distance. This proposed work is the detailed analysis of COVID - 19 symptoms, solutions and an IoT - based system for monitoring the patient health those who are affected by COVID - 19. The symptoms related to COVID - 19 includes fever, cold, cough, body temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation of the patients are discussed in this work. This work provides the overview of symptoms, various tests, variants and prevention of COVID - 19 viruses. This proposed review of COVID - 19 will become useful for nurses and doctors to diagnose and treat the COVID - 19 affected patients in an effective manner. This proposed framework of COVID - 19 creates awareness among public and to gain knowledge about the corona virus. This review discusses the key points in preventing the corona virus spreading and essential steps to follow the safety measures to reduce the spreading of corona virus.