Dr. Vivekanandan A

BACKGROUND Harvesting of hamstring tendon is a very important step in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Many techniques of hamstring graft harvest have been reported. There are many disadvantages of using the traditional technique for hamstring tendon harvesting. Here we have used a new and easy technique to avoid the disadvantages and allow for easy and perfect hamstring tendon graft harvesting which is also reproducible as the medial structures of the tibia have a consistent anatomic pattern and offers protection to saphenous nerve and superficial medial collateral ligament. METHODS We carried out arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using hamstring tendons auto graft on 70 patients with knee ligament injuries with instability using a new technique for hamstring tendons harvesting. RESULTS Subjective assessment was done according to International Knee Documentation Committee rating system. This was defined as four grades as follows: Normal (A), Nearly Normal (B), Abnormal (C), and Severely Abnormal (D). Before ACL injury, 70 (100%) patients considered their knees to have been grade A. Twenty-four months after reconstruction, 68 patients rated their knees as normal or nearly normal. Two patients rated their knee as abnormal at 2 years of follow-up. These patients had severe osteoarthritic changes. CONCLUSIONS The technique of hydrodissection is a simple and fast technique to aid in identification, isolation and indirect separation of hamstring tendons with small incision used as grafts in knee surgeries at no extra cost to the patient.