Hunger and Food Security during the COVID - 19 Pandemic


Tokeshwar Sahu*, Sachin Banjari and Aditi Nath

The COVID - 19 pandemic is currently the world's most major health threat, raising significant human challenges; one such issue is food insecurity. The corona virus pandemic has moved the whole world to a halt and has impacted almost every country. India has taken a positive approach to limiting COVID - 19 has spread throughout the country, Beginning March 25, 2020; the country's 1.3 billion residents will be subjected to a national lockdown. COVID - 19 cases are rapidly increasing, raising serious concerns about the disease's latent capacity to spread and cause harm. This pandemic has adversely impacted the poor and helpless in society.

This article analyzes India's hunger and malnutrition during the COVID -19, as well as the subsequent shutdown and aftermath. Food insecurity has become common as a result of the economic downturn and job losses. There are also fears that this may have long-term consequences on the population's nutrition. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), the public distribution system for mid-day meals, are examples of nutritional programmes, and Anganwadis (rural childcare center) should continue to supply rations and meals to recipients at their homes as crucial services.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the COVID - 19 pandemic has already affected all four pillars of food safety. Food insecurity has become common as a result of the economic crisis and loss of employment. The subsequent lockdown in India to prevent disease spread and social contact has disrupted economic activity and resulted in massive unemployment in the informal sector.

Growing the PDS to include pulses and oils, localized purchases, School meals and the ICDS provide global nutrition care, as well as extended monetary transfers through social security programs are all examples of how huge volumes of food can be used to provide a universal service. Despite the COVID – 19 related pause, we continue with paragraph emphasizing In order to alleviate The Indian government must properly integrate official and non - governmental efforts to address India's food anxiety and hunger rates.