Author(s): Mazharuddin Ali Khan1, Sujit Kumar Vakatir2, Mohammed Aman Ulhaq Qureshi3

Many systemic disorders present with orthopedic manifestations. A 40 year old male patient was brought in with pain and inability to move his left arm after he regained consciousness. The patient is a known case of Epilepsy since 2 years and had two episodes of seizure like activity and not on any medication. The diagnosis was fracture posterior dislocation of left shoulder following Grand mal Epilepsy. It was a 3 part fracture dislocation of left shoulder emergency closed reduction and 5 percutaneous K wires fixation was done under general anaesthesia and universal shoulder immobilizer was applied to immobilize the left shoulder in flexion, adduction and internal rotation. Treatment for epilepsy was continued. After four weeks K wires were removed. With physiotherapy, patient regained full range of movements by 8 weeks. We conclude, that a fracture posterior dislocation of left shoulder as a presenting feature should arouse us to evaluate the cause, in our case it was convulsion. Closed reduction and internal fixation with percutaneous k-wires reduces infection rate and hospital stay. Patient recovered well without any complications.

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