Balakrishna1, Souris Kondaveti2, Bhuvaneshwari3

: Fixed drug eruption is a drug induced skin eruption characterized by one or multiple skin erythematous plaques that disappears once the culprit drug is withdrawn leaving hyper pigmented sequelae. These plaques are termed fixed because they reappear on the same location each time the drug is administered. The commonly implicated drugs are tetracyclines, paracetamol and sulfonamides. A 38 yrs. old male patient presented to the department of medicine with history of erythematous patches all over the body. Patient was administered tablet Augmentin 625 mg for upper respiratory tract infection 4 days back. After taking the tablet he noticed a small erythematous patch on the right shoulder which increased in size and some patches are spread all over the body i.e. on back, proximal part of limbs and on abdomen. The patches were distinct sizes with hyperpigmentation and necrosis in the center. In the present case fixed drug eruption would be related to amoxicillin that is present in Augmentin in a view of a suggestive temporal relationship between drug intake and reaction onset, the remission of skin eruption after withdrawal. Hence caution is needed in patients who are hypersensitivity to amoxicillin.