Factors Responsible for Endodontic Treatment Failure in Permanent Dentition among Under Graduates, General Dentists and Endodontists


Azzam Alrowdhan and Shahzad Ali Shah*


Endodontic failure is one of the major problems in dentistry. To reach an acceptable treatment, one should be focusing on factors that determine the success of endodontic and re - endodontic treatment. These involve periodontal disease, root fracture, residual necrotic pulp tissue, and presence of peri - radicular infection, broken instruments, mechanical perforations, root canal under filling / overfilling, missed canals or unfilled canals. The aim of this study was to evaluate knowledge of responders towards the failure factors in permanent dentition among under graduates, general dentists, and endodontists.


The study design was questionnaire based by using Google sheet form and published online in Saudi Arabia. The survey was conducted from February to September 2021. The sample size calculated was 420 by using epi - info software version 3 with 90 % of confidence level. The questionnaire was validated by using FDA online software.


Based to questionnaire submission, most common cause of endodontic failure was unfilled and missed canals (66.9 %). The main factor that affects endodontic treatment is the anatomy of root canal system (52.6 %).


Our study concluded that the knowledge is more related to qualification level, experience, and skill of operators. Therefore, we made this study to compare the knowledge of students, graduates and specialists and will help to improve knowledge and attitude in perspective to factors that affect treatment failure.