Author(s): Kousalya Chakravarthy1, Srinivas Reddy Nalagandla2, Sunil Kumar Cherukuri3, Radha Ramana Murthy K4

INTRODUCTION: The Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) has been used extensively to provide a safe airway in spontaneously breathing patients who are not at risk from aspiration of gastric contents. The increased risk of aspiration in Obstetric population was initially considered as a relative contra indication for LMA usage. But LMA proved to be safe in this subgroup and in fact significantly decreased tidal volume was noted during IPPV with a decreased the risk of aspiration.

METHOD: This is a prospective study, performed in Niloufer Hospital for Children & Women from June 2011 – January 2014 over a period of 30months. We studied the ease of insertion of single use ILMA and associated complications in 35 ASA 1 obstetric patients.

RESULTS: The mean age of the patients was 27.4 years. The mean BMI was 28.4 kg /m2. 21 patients were admitted for cerclage (60.0%), 5 Bartholin’s abscess (14.28%), 6 cases of manual removal of placenta (17.14%), 3 cases of vescicular mole for evacuation (8.57%). The duration of anesthesia ranged from 20-40 min with a mean duration of 19 minutes. The first time insertion rate was 88.57%, 31 out of 35 patients had the LMA inserted in first attempt. 4 patients needed reinsertion. None of the patients had aspiration or other complications associated with LMA. There were no failed insertions.

CONCLUSION: We conclude that the LMA is effective and safe for in carefully selected ASA 1 pregnant patients in the hands of experienced Anesthesiologist.

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